12 Shed Conversion Ideas for your Backyard

What is shed conversion? Shed conversion is a practical and creative way to upgrade your backyard. It allows you to maximize and personalize your space in the most cost and time-efficient way possible. Make the most out of your storage shed by converting it into any of the 12 ideas listed below.

Shabby Chic She Shed


    • Design Elements: soft feminine color palette, distressed textures, floral patterns, and vintage decor.
    • Convert this space into a reading corner or a nook for your hobby.

Zen Pod


    • Design Elements: natural color, wood textures, minimal aesthetic, and succulents. 
    • Create a calm mediation space or yoga studio with ambient lighting and comfy seating.

Backyard Pub


    • Design Elements: warm dark color palette, rustic signage, and wood and leather textures.
    • Transform this space to entertain guests by adding a bar counter with stools and your drinks of choice.

Homey at Home Office


    • Design Elements: natural and task lighting, patterned rug, desk with plenty of storage, and comfy chair for long hours.
    • Create a functional workspace that keeps you away from distractions and promotes productivity.

Craft Studio


    • Design Elements: playful color, task lighting, easy-to-clean furniture, and shelves.
    • Add a vision board, organization for tools, and a large working table.

Just for Kids Playhouse


    • Design Elements: Primary color scheme, chalkboard, and sealed wood to prevent splinters.
    • Repurpose your shed into a play area for the kids by installing a slide or sandbox.

Guest Suite


    • Design Elements: cozy, soft color scheme and textures, and private amenities.
    • Convert the shed into a guest house for overnight company with a restful bed and small bathroom.

Art Studio


    • Design Elements: ample lighting, enough room to get messy, easels, and plenty of storage for supplies.
    • Dedicate a space to be creative and express yourself by enjoying your hobby and displaying finished works.

Pool House


    • Design Elements: tile floor with a bathroom and wet bar. Include storage for towels and pool maintenance supplies.
    • Transform your shed into versatile space for entertainment and storage. Relax in this welcoming outdoor space.

Wood Shed


    • Design Elements: weatherproof, sturdy shelves, and proper ventilation.
    • Use a shed for a place to store your firewood.

Tiny Lake House


    • Design Elements: coastal aesthetic, cool blues and white color palette, nautical decor.
    • Make your shed into a sweet escape at the lake. Loft beds to create more space.



    • Design Elements: soothing colors, relaxing atmosphere, natural textures, and tile.
    • Install a sauna or hot tub and add soothing incense to create a tranquil outdoor space.
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