Tiny Home Tips for Custom Barns

Oftentimes when you hear shed, barn, building, or cabin, you get the impression it is meant for storage. However, there are other uses for a shed besides storage. Superior Custom Barns also offers options for a backyard office, she-shed, and tiny home. A trending option in the shed industry is the DYI tiny home. Below are the ins and outs for the interior of a tiny home space along with a photo gallery. If you think the tiny home isn’t for you, but as you get older it becomes harder and harder to host overnight guests, use these tips to add a guest house to your property. 
Bath & Bedding:
  • Use sliding doors to save space
  • Loft your bed
  • Try a ladder if stairs don’t fit
Kitchen & Dining:
  • Invest in tiny appliances
  • Buy furniture that has more than one function
  • Shelves for storage
Living & Lounging:
  • Opt for french doors since window space will be limited
  • Put in a skylight for natural lighting
  • Install stairs that way you can store things under them
Superior Custom Barns includes add-ons for electric, insulation, porch, and lofts. We’re ready to help you tackle the interior needs for your tiny home.

Contact us for a custom quote on a tiny home. Find a dealer to buy now, or check out Rent-To-Own plans.

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